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buying local has a positive impact on the community

Mandurah Business Support

A strong and sustainable local economy requires collaboration between local businesses, community leaders, and the local residents.

Shop Local 6210 is a buy-local initiative that encourages individuals and businesses to shop locally, rather than buying from larger, national or international companies.

The goal for Shop Local 6210 is to build a platform and community that fosters connections between businesses and local suppliers, as well as connecting locals to local businesses.

Join the journey & by doing so, you are supporting it.

Sharing ways to support local

Sharing local businesses in Mandurah, things to consider when supporting local and other local business news. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date, or follow Shop Local 6210 on socials.

Shop Local 6210 collaborative projects

Mandurah Small Business Networking 

Shop Local 6210 works with local graphic designer and business owner Teesh Turner from Vindi Designs on The Little Network Group - creating authentic and genuine local business connections.

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The Castle Grounds.png

Shop Local 6210 supports a collaborative local initiative with Blokk Property on the Castle Grounds by connecting local ideas and businesses to the project.


Mandurah Arts & Cultural Precinct 

Shop Local 6210 supports a community-led initiative to establish a new thriving Arts & Cultural Precinct in Mandurah. 


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