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collective impact 

every dollar we spend is supporting something 

small businesses collectively represent 97% of all businesses in WA.


small businesses collectively employ MORE

Western Australians than the

- agricultural

- retail

 - mining industries

AND the WA government


When you shop local or shop small, a larger percentage of the $ stays within your own community, supporting your locals. 

It's worth supporting our small businesses to make sure they stay.


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Kit Kat Barrels

➡️ KitKat Barrels is a home-based event hire business here in Mandurah!

➡️” Would you like to take the hassle out of having to do everything at your next event or function? Then let KitKat Barrels & Event Hire give you a helping hand.”

✨” At KitKat Barrels & Event Hire, our event coordinator has a WWCC, Approved managers, and RSA.

Everything from setup to cleanup, serving food, bartending, and collecting cakes or balloons, we’ve got you covered!

No event too big or too small we can handle it!”

🛒 You can enquire via email:

or check out socials

Festoon Photography

Festoon photography is a small, local business run by one of our Mandurah mums. As many people know, having children can temporarily take you away from certain hobbies, passions and dreams. Cheri is constantly learning, collaborating and improving, and when you support a business like this you are not only getting amazing photos, you are also supporting personal growth, a family that lives near you and a start up business. This is how support can make our business’ even stronger and offer even more.

The Last Course

The Last Course is a small home business owned and operated by Jamie Knight in Mandurah, WA.

✨Jamie has taught herself how to make the most delicious sweet treats in such an artistic, creative way. All you need to do is check out her page to see her work. When something is this good, it's in demand - so jump on and book well in advance to get your hands on these works of art.

✨Developed with the support of Jamie’s family & friends, The Last Course specialises in buttercream cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats perfect for dessert buffets or the avid sweet tooth.

Common Rituals

A bespoke studio on a private property with coastal boho vibes offering Yoga and body treatments for relaxation and wellbeing.

At Common Rituals, our goal is to create a space for relaxation, self-discovery, community, empowerment and wellbeing.

The Kindred Grazer

A Mandurah based business that offers beautiful grazing tables, grazing boxes, and picnic hire.

"The Kindred Grazer was born out of a love of exceptional quality produce, customer service and the ability to create an experience through taste and aesthetics."

"We are backed by an incredible team - There is truth in "find the people, then create the positions" our gorgeous team are full of passion, knowledge and ambition. There are not many lengths we wont go to, to make your event as special and unique as you."

Vindi Designs

➡️ Early on, one of the first switches I made was to buy local gift cards. This is where I stumbled across Vindi Designs as an alternative to what I was previously buying. Meeting Teesh made me realise how much each sale of her cards meant to her and her business, and how much intention, thought and effort went into every single one of the cards and designs.

Teesh is a local business owner who creates a beautiful range of thoughtfully created cards, prints, and tees. You can find her products at local collectives, markets, and on the Vindi Paper Studio website.


➡️ I then was lucky enough to work with Teesh through Vindi Designs graphic design, where she created my logo. Working with Teesh turned my ideas into a brand and was so helpful in my overall journey. Teesh has so much knowledge, passion and experience in this area. Her guidance, genuine support, and interest in the businesses she works with makes a huge difference to the outcome.

✨ "Working from my studio in Mandurah WA, I am inspired daily by the beautiful surroundings of our city.

Graphic Design has always been my passion, being around my family's printing business from a young age, creating something in some form was always something I enjoyed.

Since starting my business in 2016 I have worked with amazing local businesses as well as businesses from the other side of Australia and each one never fails to amaze me.

I love the opportunities to work alongside a business and help them with their creative direction whether it is branding concepts, packaging design, or something as small as a custom business card."

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