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shop local 6210 aims to support the local small business community by;

1. connecting businesses to their ideal shoppers
2. connecting business owner's to a community of shared values, collaboration, and genuine support.

It's estimated that local businesses put back approximately2-3 x more money back into the local economy than larger chains.

Local businesses are more likely to purchase goods and services from other local businesses, such as suppliers and service providers.

This creates a ripple effect, as the money continues to circulate within the community and support other local businesses

Join The Little Network Group Mandurah 

based on building genuine and authentic business connections in Mandurah and surrounds

How we can support each other to grow our local 

Shop Local 6210 can help by connecting local businesses with local suppliers, as well as a community of loyal local shoppers.


The goal is to help businesses grow and/or operate more efficiently and sustainably by seeking out and using local resources and opportunities, which can ultimately help to boost our local economy, and help to shorten supply chains.

By supporting Shop Local 6210, you are helping to create a diverse, collaborative and vibrant local business community that can offer a wider range of products and services.

  • Micro Business

    Ideal for the just getting started
    Free Plan
    • Added to the Shop Local 6210 data base
  • Small Business

    Every month
    Ideal for small businesses operating in the Mandurah/Peel
    Valid for 3 months
    • Listed Local Business on website
    • Added to the Shop Local referral database
    • 1 x promotional post on social media
    • 1 x feature in Shop Local 6210 newsletter
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