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An easy way to support Mandurah local businesses this Christmas

If you're anything like me, you want to support local businesses but don't have the time to look around or make multiple trips.

One of the simplest changes to make when determining either to shop locally or conveniently is when purchasing gifts. It might be difficult to determine what is "local" and where to find it.

In Mandurah, there are numerous little shops that provide practically anything you could imagine. The best part is that they are typically MUCH nicer and more thoughtful.

Here's a quick option for finishing up your local Christmas shopping in Mandurah.


We have a lot of small businesses in Mandurah (over 4000). The majority of them are scattered throughout multiple retail hotspots and even outside in the industrial region. Sometimes we want to support local businesses but just lack the time.

Consider this "park once" option, that is NOT the Mandurah forum.

Finding parking is the most challenging part, but that's another matter.

Here is a map of some parking options, the bigger the icon - the most likely you'll get parking.

Once you've found parking, put these locations into your phone and look at the local businesses' Christmas gift selections.


2 Salty Beaches is on the Smart Street Mall.

Check our their Instagram here.

An amazing local collective owned by a couple of absolute legends. Collectives are a bunch of local stockists all in one place. Like markets, but all the time (in trading hours) and in a little shop.

Right down the mall we have the Fairy Dell - again, as local as it gets and a bunch of gifts for kids (and adults) in there. The Fairy Dell is Mandurah's Fremantle Fairy Shop. I'm sure you've been there, but if you haven't, check out our local version first.


Walk down the foreshore and you'll find a couple of boutiques, a plant store and a local Gin Distillery.

Jak Jak has both men's and women's clothing, and always has cute little gifts and stocking fillers.

Again, in walking distance, there's The Junction (another collective).

Love to Be - a women's clothing boutique where you can also pick up candles and décor.

Deb's Deli - where you can pick up a plant for a gift.

The Little Stiller - GIN! Distilled right here in Mandurah by LOCALS. Need I say more?


Go the other way, and you'll find Mataya. A gold mine of the most local and thoughtful gifts. Also great coffee, food and vibes.

Sundae Wyld is right next door - a women's clothing boutique.

Walk along Sholl Street (still in Mandurah Foreshore CBD) and you will find Flame Trees, a boutique which stocks an eclectic style women's range and upcycled furniture by a local artist Jane from Ecolectic.

So that's my go-to when I need to get all my gift shopping done in one day. I hope this has been helpful, and if it changes one purchase, then that's a win.

If you found this useful - let me know!

If you think I have missed something that needs to be shared, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am always keen to hear about the local businesses we have here in Mandurah and ways we can support them.

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