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Free and authentic Mandurah local business networking

If you are a Mandurah based (or surrounds) local business owner, check out The Little Network Group Mandurah.

The Little Network Group is all about building authentic and genuine business connections. The word networking can sometimes be off-putting, however this is a non-traditional way of networking.

The group was created to help allow small business owners build connections and friendships, seek business advice and share helpful tips during this journey of running a business.

The aim is to create casual catch-ups so local business owners can build connections and meet other business owners. The group is not a group specifically for self promotion.. genuine connections and friendships are encouraged!

The group started when Vindi Designs owner Teesh Turner and Shop Local 6210 founder Megan Humble met, and connected over the fact it can be isolating running or starting a small business, and feeling part of a community helps play a big part in the success of the business and well-being of the operator.

Currently, the group exists as a Facebook community, and casual catch-ups are organised fortnightly at different local business locations. They can look like coffee at Groundswell, Mataya, Sugar Lips, Coffee Cove, Osprey Waters Flat White Co and more, or sundowners at one of our locally owned bars or restaurants. The catch-ups are small and casual, and can range from 3 people - about 15.

Aside from the casual fortnightly catch ups, The Little Network Group has held three small business Christmas parties and created a small business Christmas gift guide.

3 years into the group and a community has been built of 300 local business owners, connections have been formed and friendships made. Organically, business connections transpire from this, which is an added bonus.

To join the group, click this link. Please note the group rules and join under your personal profile and not a business page. This helps keep the group as authentic as possible.

The next catch up will be slightly different, it is a collaboration with local business Clean and Pure on the 28th of April.

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