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Introducing: The Castle Grounds!

Do you remember the Old Castle Fun Park in Mandurah?

The Castle Fun Park used to be a popular destination for families to visit and enjoy. 

It was built in 1979 by George Kaspar, who was inspired by King Ludwig II's Neuschwanstein in Germany.  

The park featured many castles, a pool shaped like Australia, a mini golf course, a go-kart track, and a shop. 

The park permanently closed in the early 2000s, and in 2007, a blaze further damaged what was left after graffiti, vandalism, and environmental exposures had destroyed much of it.

We want to celebrate the sentiment the park has had and continues to have in the community by revitalising the castle that is left standing!

Currently on it’s last legs, its needs some work, and we would love for it to be a community effort. 

Please share any memories or images you may have of the park that you are happy for us to share by emailing

The goal is to bring back the once cherished castle that was formerly housed in the Old Castle Fun Park before it was unfortunately shut down in 2000.

Together with Shop Local 6210, Darren from Blokk Property has been looking into how this project can best support local businesses, from the concept development, leveraging local services and connecting with local business owners to understand their needs, wants, and dreams for Mandurah. 

We are seeking early expressions of interest in this project for a proposed build in 2023. 

There are two stages to this project:

Stage 1: Calls for the restoration of the castle to be incorporated into a proposed child care center's natural play area. 

Stage 2: A developing opportunity to collaboratively design a lively destination with a village-like atmosphere to immerse visitors in Mandurah's sense of community and support the regional identity. 

Follow along to keep up to date and watch this space!


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