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Buying local coffee in Mandurah?

There are so many reasons why buying your coffee from a local is a great swap. It's a small change that can make a bigger difference.

Supporting your local economy:

When you buy your coffee from a Mandurah owned business, you're supporting the local economy by keeping your money within the community. We have a number of cafes in Mandurah that are supplied by local roasters and source as local as they can for other things they use or sell.

You get better service:

Better service. Local coffee shops often offer personalised service, as they tend to have a smaller customer base than larger chains. You may get to know the baristas and staff, and they may be able to provide recommendations based on your preferences. A few cafes know me by name, and honestly, its the little things that add up to a sense of community and wellbeing.

You get choice and variety:

Local coffee shops often roast their own beans, or supply from an independent roaster and offer unique blends and flavors that may not be available at larger chains. This can be a good way to try new and interesting coffee varieties.

The environment:

Local coffee shops may be more environmentally conscious in their sourcing and packaging of their coffee beans. They may use organic and fair trade beans, and offer compostable or reusable cups, which can reduce waste and be better for the environment.

Just happiness all round:

Community. Local coffee shops often serve as a gathering place for the community. When waiting for your coffee at one of the coffee vans, it won't take you long to see how much this actually brings people together.

Good views and fresh air:

Mandurah has some amazing cafes that are great spots for meeting friends, working, or just taking in your good cup of coffee and the scenery. Mandurah's fortunate to be surrounded by water, that is full of life. Seeing a dolphin is almost inevitable if you look at the water long enough.

Support the small guys:

Overall, buying your coffee from our Mandurah locally owned businesses can make a huge difference to the people running it, have a ripple effect on the wider community, and most of all - it provides us with choice.

It's hard competing with the big guys, but if we support it, it gets to stay around.



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