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Local Coffee

DAY 8 #swaplocal6210

Chain store coffee ➡️ Local coffee ✅️

The best swap I've made to date is always try to buy a local takeaway coffee. It's an 'easier' swap because we have SO many amazing local cafes. We even have a drive thru..

Another coffee swap would be buying local beans. We have a couple of amazing coffee roasters in Mandurah and around WA. You can order most of them online, but I also find you can buy the beans straight from the Cafe.

This can be a swap Cafe owners make too 🤯 I always go out of my way to check the bean supplier and love that I see so many local cafes supporting local coffee roasters 💥

The power of that is huge.

If you haven't checked the local coffee guide I've made, go check it out, and feel free to send in any to add. I'll be keen to keep adding to this so wherever you are, you can check the map to see the closest local brew. ☕️☕️☕️☕️

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