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Mandurah Small Business Networking


Based on building genuine connections.

The Little Network Group Mandurah is a social networking group that was formed after meeting Teesh from Vindi Designs.

Vindi Designs was a local card supplier and graphic designer, at the time working from home. We both connected over the fact that working on your own business at your home can be quite isolating, and that it was nice to get out from the screen and connect with another business owner face-to-face.

Vindi Designs created the Shop Local 6210 logo, and together we started The Little Network Group Mandurah, in the hopes of forming genuine business connections and support for the people behind the businesses.


2 x years

2 x Small Business Networking Christmas Parties

1 x Local Christmas Gift Guide

2 x Virtual Chats (thanks Covid)

2 x Rockingham Networking Events

27 x Mandurah Local Business Coffee Catch Ups

11 x Mandurah Local Sundowners

290 x Members


1 x up and coming event - Networking and Pottery

More coffee catch ups

More sundowners

More end of year celebrations

More local business support

Are you a local business owner?

The group is free to join and inclusive to all. The only requirement is you operate a small business in Mandurah or surrounds, and you come seeking genuine collaborations.

Will we see you at the next one?

Join the group here:

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