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Small business Podcast - Supporting local business - Why?

Small Business Podcast - Supporting local business

Sarah Harding: Small Business, Big Marketing

I featured on a podcast and spoke about the 'why'...

Marketing is something that as a business owner, you usually can't avoid.
It's also usually something you are very much unqualified in, and if you are like me, winging.

I sat down with Sarah Harding, a local marketing guru. Sarah has started a podcast called Small Business, Big Marketing, where she talks to small business owners about their marketing and everything around navigating this tricky part of the business.

Mandurah Local Business Networking - The Little Networking Group

I met Sarah at a Little Networking Group Catch-up. The Little Networking Group was founded by Teesh Turner, a local graphic designer, and myself.

The aim is to connect local business owners in a genuine and authentic way, to support the person behind the business. Find the group here.

Sarah was someone I instantly connected with. She was so easy to talk to and has such a warm personality. So when she asked me to chat with her on her podcast, I didn't hesitate.

What inspired Shop Local 6210?

I could chat for hours about why I think supporting local is important. From my own experiences to my parents, to friends, and so on. To the bigger picture, of local economies vs corporations and mass production. To climate change solutions and equality.

I have always been interested in business, particularly small businesses. I watched both my parent's experiences building small businesses from scratch.

However, I didn't always realise the extent to which the small business community plays into the way I experience day-to-day life.
And the way my daughter will experience life.

Is there a solution?

Looking into this I was overwhelmed for most of the time, watching David A legit crying. I think a few of us have been there... I didn't know where to even start when it came to my own ability to make an impact as a single person.

I soon realised I can't.

The power of collective impact

Mass production and big business are unavoidable in this world. If you have 24 hours in the day to research and understand, and then source, then sure. It may be possible to avoid supporting big business in a fair few ways. But in real life, it's not that easy.

After exploring this for a while, it was clear to me that the most basic, easiest, and fool-proof thing we can do as consumers is... talk about it.

Sooo... here we are. Talking about it.

I hope you enjoy, and if you are a small business, I thoroughly recommend you get in touch with Sarah, and checking out her up coming workshop.

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Without the collective input, the collective impact can't and won't happen.

Join the conversation:

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Love local

Refer Local

Remember to consider the 'local' option first, always!



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