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3 ways to support a local business for free

3 ways to support a local business for free

Supporting local businesses makes a huge impact on the growth and prosperity of our communities. They are the backbone of our neighborhoods, providing us with unique products and services while creating jobs and giving our community a sense of local identity.

Below are three ways you can make a difference to our small businesses without spending a cent!

Refer LOCAL!

When someone seeks a recommendation for a specific product or service, consider referring them to the local option. Your simple suggestion could be the catalyst for a local business’ success. If you don’t know the local option, you can suggest asking the Shop Local 6210 community for a local business referral - a group of over 1800 local shoppers looking to support Mandurah small businesses.

Help them hack the algorithm.

Follow, like, share - use your socials to help them get the word out. Even commenting below a post you see can make a difference.

Many small businesses struggle to compete with larger corporations for online visibility. Their posts often get lost in the constant flow of social media advertising from big business, who have the capacity to hire a marketing team who’s sole focus is getting their brands exposed.

By following, liking, and sharing a small business’ social media posts, you can help local businesses reach more local shoppers who may want to support their business.

If you share a post celebrating a Mandurah local business, tag @shoplocal6210 and we can share it too!

Share the love - leave a review

A lot of people look at reviews when they are considering spending with a business they haven’t bought from before. Online reviews play a critical role in shaping a business's reputation. If you've had a positive experience with a local business, take a few minutes to leave a glowing review on platforms like Google, Facebook, or even a community Facebook group. Not only does this boost their online presence, but it also instills trust in potential customers who rely on reviews to make informed choices.

Doing any of these things makes a difference to our local business community, and it’s completely free. Each small effort contributes to a larger collective movement of supporting local businesses, and in turn, our beautiful Mandurah community as a whole.

Lastly, when you are looking to make a purchase, always consider the local option first!

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