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Mandurah Creative Hub - a local-led initiative

Shop Local 6210 is about championing and supporting local businesses through promotion and advocacy. And guess what? There's something super exciting brewing in our community—the Mandurah Creative Hub!

It's a project fueled by a group of local creatives who are diving into the possibilities of establishing vibrant creative hub inspired by places around us. These hubs can be game-changers, providing opportunities for artists, businesses, and the entire creative community.

The most exciting aspect is that it has the potential to make a difference for everyone in the 6210 area, providing a supportive environment for local businesses and artists who have always aspired to leave their mark, whether by opening a store, showcasing their work in a gallery, or taking their passion to new heights. It also creates opportunities for community members to actively support and engage with these local talents.

Mandurah’s Creative Hub is a community-driven, culture-led initiative of local artists and other creatives. A potential place for creatives from many disciplines to collaborate, work, innovate, network, inspire & support each other.

Key Components:

  • Inclusive of all creative practices - visual, performing and literary arts

  • Connections and collaborations with indigenous artists

  • Affordable artist studios, workspace, retail space

  • Opportunities for visitors and locals to see creatives at work

  • Provisions for artisan markets, food trucks, buskers and festivals for visitors and locals

  • Provisions for small events & functions

  • Opportunities for microbusinesses and start-ups

  • Community focused activities and workshops for all age groups

  • Opportunity for exploration in new creative technologies - multi-media

So far there has been two community meetings, a Facebook group that is growing and an online survey that is live and gathering feedback. The next meeting will be on the 18th of May and will look to demonstrate to the City and funding organisations that there is a need and support from the Mandurah/Peel creative community for this initiative.

The meeting on the 18th will:

  • provide attendees an overview of concept/project vision

  • provide an overview of survey and previous small group meeting results

  • seek additional feedback on the facilities needed

  • discuss venue options available

  • seek feedback on operating models

  • seek assistance in the collection of additional information required to progress to the next stage

Creative hubs act as connectors between artists, creatives, cultural projects, local businesses, and the public. By creating a space that encourages public interaction with the arts community and businesses, the hub naturally enhances the arts and enlivens the public.

Ways you can get involved and support this idea:

- Attend the meeting on May the 18th :

- Join the Facebook group:

- Fill the survey here.

By supporting Mandurah Creative Hub, it can have an impact on local businesses, creatives, and the community as a whole.

Watch this space!

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