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The Journey of Shop Local 6210, Mandurah

In a world dominated by big corporations and faceless transactions, the essence of community often gets overshadowed. But for me, Megan, the heartbeat of every town lies in its local businesses—the small shops, the cozy cafes, the hidden gems that make each neighborhood unique.

Small businesses are the embodiment of dreams. They are the culmination of countless late nights, unyielding determination, and unwavering passion. These businesses are not run by anonymous shareholders but by our neighbours, friends, and families—the very people who walk these streets with us, who share in our joys and struggles. When they thrive, our community thrives, and the strength of our local economy directly influences the quality of our lives. It's this belief that led me to embark on a journey to establish Shop Local 6210.

A Personal Connection

My own journey has been deeply intertwined with the world of small business since it started. From a young age, I had a front-row seat to my parents' dedicated efforts in growing a number of family businesses from the ground up. Later, I ventured into the small business realm myself, opening my own clothing boutique on Smart Street Mall, Mandurah.

While the immediate successes may have eluded me, the experience was far from futile. It served as an invaluable lens through which I gained insight into the unique trials that small business owners face in Mandurah. This was also highlighted as the e-commerce tide surged, reshaping consumer habits and leaving small businesses at a notable disadvantage.

The Why Behind Shop Local 6210

I believe the solution to this rests in a fundamental shift—a change in perception that ripples through our spending choices. It's about recognising that every purchase is a vote for the community we envision, a testament to our support for the dreams woven into the fabric of our town. Together, by redefining how we spend our money, we have the power to uplift local businesses, enrich our community, and re-write the narrative that currently exists.

I wanted to create a space where every purchase held meaning, where the act of buying was not just about acquiring goods, but about contributing to the growth of my community. Shop Local 6210 was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between local businesses and local residents, fostering a stronger, more vibrant community spirit.


Shop Local 6210 stands as a platform I've nurtured to champion the cause of local spending and the growth of our local businesses. This initiative is fortified by an array of strategies that work harmoniously to foster this goal, while offering a multitude of avenues for your support—whether you're a dedicated local business owner or a conscientious community shopper.

Mandurah local business referral database:

  • A growing list of over 450 MANDURAH local businesses, all checked and vetted to ensure they are owned and operated by Mandurah locals. These are the businesses Shop Local 6210 refers.

The website:

  • A local business feature that connects shoppers with local businesses to support.

  • Sharing local business news, updates on initiatives and sharing ideas through the blog.

  • Providing updates and ideas to spend locally through the newsletter.

Social Media:

  • Sharing businesses on the @shoplocal6210 Instagram, that has a following of over 2100 people who are keen to support our local businesses.

  • A hashtag #shoplocal6210 that includes over 5000 posts from local businesses that people can scroll through in one place.

  • A Facebook group and page consisting of over 1700 people who are all looking to support local, where people can ask for local recommendations & join the conversation.

Advocacy and Collaborations:

  • Supporting local projects and initiatives that impact our local business community, such as:

  1. The Castle Grounds - a proposed development in Halls Head

  2. The Little Networking Group Mandurah - authentic small business networking for Mandurah business owners

  3. Mandurah Arts & Cultural Precinct (formerly Mandurah Creative Hub) - a grass roots initiative that will support the creative businesses and groups in Mandurah.

  • Continuously advocating for policy and social change to better support our local businesses.

With shared stories and shared conviction, we have the power to write a new narrative, one where small businesses don't just survive—they thrive. And in this narrative, each chapter celebrates not just commerce, but camaraderie; not just transactions, but transformation.

Together, let's shape a Mandurah that's not just a place we live, but a place we actively invest in—a place where the dreams of entrepreneurs are cherished, and the heartbeat of our community resonates through every local purchase.

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